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Breeze, by Luminology can restore hormonal balance, cool hot flashes and calm the anxiety associated with menopause. Breeze is clinically proven to reduce symptoms such as irregular periods, insomnia and mood swings experienced by many women during this time of their lives.

Luminology Breeze - Menopause


    Menopause is usually a natural change, this time of change is known as the menopausal transition and is different for each woman. For most women, this happens in their late 40's or early 50s. Change in a woman's period, hot flashes, sleep deprevication, problems with vagina and bladder, and other signs are all symptoms which indicate menopause.



    Breeze contains a superior form of MacaPure® to reduce stress and support hormonal balance, vitex berry to normalize menstrual periods, DIM to rid the body of excess estrogen, phytosterols to promote progesterone production, vitamin B6 and zinc to boost antioxidant defenses and immune system function and yucca to increase absorption of fat-soluble ingredients.

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