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If you are interested in learning how to take control of your health, you have come to the right place! We have been teaching the principles of a plant-based diet since 2002 and have seen thousands of people improve their health by simply changing their diets. 

Come To Our 2 Day Weekend Health Retreat

 Book a weekend retreat that will change your life! It includes your accommodations, training, vegan meals, demos & teaching and understanding God's purpose for your health & wellness.


Dave & Sherry Orcutt are hosting a Two Day Retreat that will teach you the basics of Renewing your health. Hear how David overcame Multiple Sclerosis in one year following these principles. We teach you how he did it!

Come and learn how changing your diet and lifestyle can affect your health and turn your life around! Also, learn:

  • How your diet affects your digestive system

  • What God says about diet, Juicing, Food Prep

  • The difference between living and dead foods

  • The importance of enzymes and detoxing

  • The causes of disease & how to control your body

  • How to rebuild your immune system

  • One on One counseling to individualize your needs

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