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After Dave's MS symptoms were gone, God started leading us to open a Health Center in Plant City - Opened October 2004 to May 2015

The Search for a Home and Property

Dave and I started looking at property. The interesting fact about this is that I am the accounting person and understand money. We did not have enough money or a decent down payment to be seeking out 5 to 8 bedroom homes, but God blinded me to money concerns. We found a home in Thonotosassa which we thought was perfect. We went three times to see if this home met our needs; called the lady on a Tuesday to have the home inspected and to put down our deposit (it was a Buy Owner Sale) but she put us off until Thursday. I was concerned for having to wait 2 extra days. We showed up on Thursday, rang the bell and she said, "Oh didn't you get my message? I sold it yesterday. They were a cash deal and you were not!" We were so devastated and disappointed and thought that God must have closed the door, so all our thoughts must not have been God's plan; we were going to give up the dream.

However, God had been urging us all along. Dave and I had taken separate cars and met at that property. We both have a habit of turning on Christian radio as soon as we get into the car and we heard Moody Radio's announcer say, "Don't let disappointment stand in the way of God's Plans for you." We called each other SO excited; God was in this; it was just the wrong property. The hunt was on.

We looked another week and found an incredible seven bedroom home, 5,000 square feet on six beautiful acres with walking trails and three pastures. We rode up to the home, knocked on the door and asked the owner if we could look at this home. Upon entering the home, God's Holy Sprit led us know that THIS was indeed the property that would work. We gave the owner our very small deposit and he mentioned that he loved the ministry that we wanted to do with his beautiful home. 

In 2004 the banks were doing some very creative financing for home buyers. God took advantage of that and we received financing approval right away. When God is leading the way, things get done! Here are a few of the miracle provisions he gave us to get us started. The owner of the home, after we had signed our contract, went out and bought us a brand new oven, washer and dryer so they would match, a new stove, new carpeting in the whole house, and a refrigerator for the pool area.He wanted everything perfect for us. Upon signing at the lawyers office, our realtor (whom we really did not know well, but he did attend our church), signed over his commission check to  us and stated, "I love the ministry you guys want to do, here is my commission check; go and furnish the place." We needed to add two bathrooms to the upstairs and the plumber donated all of his time for two weeks, if we bought the fixtures. When God wants something done, He moves and puts everything in place. We are so grateful for His provisions. 

Opening of The Hallelujah Acres Lifestyle Center in Plant City Florida

We Opened the Lifestyle Center in October 2004. We had only one guest that first week and it was the perfect week of training for us. The program was in place and this began an eleven year span of helping from 4 to 12 people a week learn new lifestyle skills that would  improve the quality of their life. The success stories are endless and the lives we touched through this ministry reaches all across the globe. We helped people from all States in the US, Canada, The Islands and Europe. Thousands have been helped with the principals we taught at this Center.

Superior nutrition

BarleyMax provides a superior blend of vitamins A, E, and folate, protein, minerals including, zinc, manganese, calcium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus and potassium, essential amino acids, chlorophyll, flavonoids, many trace elements, antioxidants,plus a high level of enzymatic activity that is necessary for building new, strong, healthy and vital cells in your body.

BarleyMax doesn't rely on lab-created chemicals for it's nutritional values. Natural vitamins are always found in food as living complexes making them easier for your cells to absorb.

Our body is made of of 100 Trillion LIVING cells, and they duplicate at the rate of 300 Million a minute - LIVING body needs LIVING cells. Our powdered juices provide the LIVING foods our bodies need to thrive. 

Rich amounts of macro and trace minerals

In balanced proportions, these give more cofactors for higher enzyme activity. Our research also indicates higher vitamin co

ntent in BarleyMax® than similar products.

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