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You know that drinking pure water is essential for health. But do you know that boosting distilled water adds further important benefits that can improve your overall health? The HydroBoost Kit is one of the best ways to upgrade your distilled water as it can provide a source of alkalinity to offset acids of metabolism and disease. It also adds magnesium and many absorbable minerals beneficial to overall health.

HydroBoost Kit

  • The HydroBoost Kit is great for increasing the pH of your distilled water. It also structures the water for better absorption, which improves hydration. To top it off, it enhances the flavor as most people enjoy a few minerals for taste.


    Once you've distilled your water, you can give it a boost by adding in HydroBoost Kit components! Each Hallelujah Diet kit includes:

    • Hallelujah Diet Trace Minerals
    • Hallelujah Diet Willard Water
    • Four-way measuring spoon for mixing up large quantities
    • Pipet for measuring out Willard Water for small (glass-at- a-time) quantities

    Not only does HydroBoost provide your body with a number of essential benefits, it can also improve the taste of your water. Boosting your water is especially important if you drink a lot of it. Magnesium is the fourth most abundant mineral in the human body. By helping to balance calcium it prevents blood clotting, muscle contractions and nerve signaling. It's been shown to have significant influence on supporting heart health. 20 percent of the body's magnesium is in skeletal muscles so when you add more to your water, it can help to enhance physical performance and exercise.

    Magnesium is essential for normal mental health. Magnesium deficiency has been linked to a number of mental health areas including anxiety, hyper-emotionality and depression. It can also impact and increase the risk of fatigue, panic, headaches, migraines, insomnia, light-headedness, dizziness, nervous fits, faintness, sensation of lump in throat and even blocked breathing


    When you add the components of the HydroBoost kit to your water, the primary benefits are:

    • Provides bioavailable magnesium
    • Acts as a supply of more than 70 ionic trace minerals from inland seawater with 99 percent of sodium removed
    • Aids body's ability to absorb water by structuring it, which improves hydration and the assimilation of nutrients and removal of waste and cell toxins
    • Raises the pH of water is above 9 - this gives you some alkalinity for buffering acids in your body
    • Improves taste! Most people prefer water with minerals as it tastes better than low mineral water

    How to use your HydroBoost Kit:

    Before using, shake Hallelujah Diet Trace Minerals and Willard Water. If adding to freshly made distilled water, shake or vortex your water prior to adding anything to it. The dissolved carbon dioxide will increase the alkalinity of the water.

    For 1 glass of water: Add 2 drops Trace Minerals (using the drip cap flip lid on the bottle) and 14 drops (0.4 ml) of Willard Water. Use the included pipet for adding drops of Willard Water.

    For 1 gallon: Add 20 drops of Trace Minerals (1 ml) and just less than 1 teaspoon of Willard Water (4ml). For your convenience a four-way measuring spoon is included in the kit.


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