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Hallelujah Steps to a Healthier You!

Very simple steps to a healthier YOU. I might add, “Why Not YOU???” Take advantage of one of our programs to help you get started in the brand new year. The Hallelujah Diet & Lifestyle is a well rounded program for body, mind and spirit. When one of those areas is out of balance, the other areas suffer. Commit your time to yourself this year and the results you achieve will prove it was worth it!

Living Foods and Dead Foods Consider that eating certain kinds of foods is like digging your grave with a fork. See why living foods are our only complete foods. Learn how to drop the "grave-digging fork" and get healthy for life.

Cleansing Understand your body’s incredible system of elimination – your lungs, skin, colon, kidney, and secondary organs of elimination – it is critical to your having excellent health.

Pure Air and Exercise Learn how pure air helps all of your body’s functions, why exercise is necessary for more than just weight loss, and why getting both are critical to your good health.

Water & Sunshine Learn how each works individually and together, as well as with air, exercise, etc, to promote life and health in your body.

Stress & Rest Differentiate “good stress” from “bad stress,” and see the critical importance of rest in a healthy lifestyle.

Emotions Discover the effects that various foods have on our brain, and the resulting impact on our emotional state. See the importance of positive emotional responses to the challenges God has for us each day.

Biblical Foundation Delve into your relationship with God, get inspired by the Biblical teachings, and learn why spiritual health is just as important as physical, mental and emotional health.

We offer a health seminars to guide you in your journey. These Culinary or “Day on the Hallelujah Diet” classes are affordable and filled with excellent information on the hows and whys of the Hallelujah Diet.

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